Happy Birthday, Raven!!! WOOT!

Cold’s still dragging me down.  Still not able to concentrate worth a damn.  Instead, I used today’s work time to transfer documents and research into Scrivener projects.  Wrapped up all the short stories, Slow Movin’ series, and fodder/character sketches.  Also built the technical tables for my future Freya’s Tears space adventure, and transferred what little I already have there.

I’ve still got cyberpunk, Sanguire, and fantasy novels to transfer.  In all three cases, there are multiple novels for each world.  I’m not sure if I should make each book its own project file, or put each manuscript into the world project (if you catch my drift.)  Example: I’d have one Cyberpunk project with CyberEpic, Kou Itten, and another novel I’ve played with over the years.  Or I’d have a CyberEpic project, a Kou Itten project, etc.

Found a new band — Alter Bridge.  Myles Kennedy is the lead singer (and sounds like Chris Connelly,) and the majority of the band are former Creed members.  Love ’em!

Finished Duma Key by Stephen King.  Pretty good book.  Not sure what I’ll pick up next.  My To Be Read pile is double sized and fills up half a bookshelf…