I’ve finished entering the plot of Broken Trails into Scrivener, and have realized I’m not as close to completion as I’d hoped.  Instead of a couple more scenes to write, I’ve now got seven… and an additional four that can be swapped to Scotch’s POV rather than Lainey’s in order to even it out a bit.

This program is really Da Bomb!  By editing the labels for each scene, I can color code the corkboard view to show which scenes are concept (the race,) or specifically Lainey’s or Scotch’s POV.  There was a definite dearth of Scotch throughout the race itself, so I’ve done what I can to change that (hence the four changing POV scenes.)  Overseeing the entire manuscript as a set of index cards has been quite helpful on other books, too.  I’m glad I invested in the program!

Not much else going on.  Cool and rainy in these parts. Picked up my wife’s Yule gift yesterday (she’ll love it!) I think I’ll spend the rest of the afternoon plugging my Iditarod research into the Broken Trails project.