What an annoyance!  I opened up Broken Trails today only to discover the two scenes I’d edited weren’t saved properly.  I think they might have gone into the back up file, which I overrode with the current version of my project file upon opening.  * head palm *

Ah, well. I’d made the mistake last time of editing the wrong scene, but decided to go with it since I didn’t want to change the entire thing back again.  Now I was able to do the scene I’d wanted to do in the first place, and finish the other three.  (I also made absolutely sure that the project was saved in both the desktop project folder and the backup project folder in my documents.)

Watched the latest Stargate – Universe this morning.  Can I just say that Lou Diamond Phillips’ character is a BASTEHD!  He’s playing it well, lemme tell ya!  LOL!  I wanted to smack him on that last scene.

I think I’ll spend the next hour or so pulling data and stories from all over the place to compile in my Cyberpunk project.  After I message the twisted-sister-in-law on Facebook.  Then it’s World of Warcraft time!  WOOT!