Wow! This week’s been quite productive! 9435 words!

It’s been so long since I’ve sat my butt in the chair to write that I wasn’t certain about my abilities any more. Rather than set the goal at a thousand and fail, I set it at five hundred. Since January 1st, all but two of the days I’ve written has been over a thousand! Yay, me! I think for March 1st, I’ll reset my goal to 1k/day.

The second Sanguire novel, Lady Mistress is at the thirty-eight thousand mark. I’m shooting for eighty thousand words, but I think it’ll go over a bit. I’m at the stage in the novel where scenes are spawning new scenes, expanding things beyond the outline. Not too awful, really, when the first book, The Strange Path clocked in at eighty-eight grand.

I had to forego writing the novel last weekend in order to do some world building. (It’s rather difficult to have a scene with six characters if five of them haven’t even been put together, yet.) That and I needed to reread what I have to make certain things flowed properly, and I hadn’t forgotten something. Additionally, I converted my workplace into the new corporate headquarters for Margaurethe’s business. Had a lot of fun with that! LOL!

To those who have asked, Nene’s doing well. The infection is gone and she’s healing. She’s running into some major funding snafus anyway. They say the prosthetic has to be paid for out of pocket — that’s about ten thousand Euros — so she’s pretty well stuck inside her living room. Feel free to contribute to her via this email address — wynna1 @ Please, Do Not Use The Link At The Top Of My Page! That goes to my personal Paypal account, and I lose money when I transfer it to Nene’s!

My Recent Reading List

I think I’ve spent as much time trying to find a catchy title to this post as I have going over the subject matter. Seems silly to call this post ‘Novels on My Nightstand’ when I don’t have a nightstand. LOL! And ‘Novels on My Desk’ or ‘Books on the Shelf’ doesn’t do anything to jazz up the topic.


Through the end of December and into January, I worked my way through the Harry Potter series for the third time. Seemed like the thing to do with Deathly Hallows Pt 1 out, right? I love the series, though I would gladly strangle the fifteen-year-old Harry. He’s such a … teenaged boy in that book. UGH! Shootin’s too good for him! I’m really looking forward to the final movie in June.


I made a purchase via Nene’s auction, a great find! No Strings by Gerri Hill was wonderful. The hilarious character interaction hilarious between the two main characters as they figured out what they really wanted in life kept me entertained. It was fun watching them tiptoe around their small town, doing their best to be discrete, only to discover that the entire population knew what was going on anyway.

Since that book had delivered, I purchased Behind the Pine Curtain by Gerri Hill, too. Excellent angst of a personal nature. When a teenaged daughter comes out, her family crashes and she’s banished. Years later, she returns to attend her father’s funeral. She has to deal with her first love, her hateful mother, and the fact that she’s suddenly heir to quite a bit of property. Gerri did a masterful job with this one, and it’s a keeper!


American Gods by Neil Gaiman was recommended by a friend, probably because Odin (Mr. Wednesday) is one of the main protagonists. I’m not too sure I like Mr. Wednesday, but seeing his Nordic incarnation appeased me. The premise is that as people believe, they imbue the gods with powers. In America, however, we don’t believe much. People immigrated into the country, bringing their gods with them, but the years have taken a toll on their power. It’s time for the old gods from the different pantheons to take on the new gods — Media, Internet, Auto Industry, and more.


And now a non-fiction book… I really can’t use ‘Novels’ in this title, can I? The War of Art by Steven Pressfield is somewhat of a writing book, though it can be used for art, entrepreneurship, etc. He splits the book into three parts. The first is about ‘Resistance’, that evil thing that wells up inside to stop you from doing that which you love. (I’ll never procrastinate again!)

The second is about Professionalism. That’s the ability to look at the world and your chosen field in a way that encourages you to continue down the path, regardless of ‘Resistance’.

He discusses Inspiration in the third part of the book, and here is where I split off from him. Pressfield talks about the Muse here, and is of the opinion that ‘Inspiration’ comes from a source outside the self. I’ve never been much to believe in divine inspiration. I’m of the opinion that just as ‘Resistance’ comes from some deep place within my soul, so does ‘Inspiration’ and the ability to act with ‘Professionalism’.

Other than this final disagreement, the book is an excellent one. I highly suggest it for the people out there who have the ideas, want to go somewhere with them, but keep finding obstacles in their path. The knowledge of ‘Resistance’ and where it comes from is invaluable! I plan on reading this book twice a year!


I’m working through Boneshaker by Cherie Priest. It’s a Steampunk book, and out of my comfort zone, but pretty good. I’ve heard rave reviews about it in the circles that read this genre.


That’s pretty much all I have right now. Any suggestions out there? Any books I should consider for the future? What are you reading these days?

See you next week!

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