…that exciting news I promised a couple of weeks back? Well, here it is!

The Sanguire Series by D Jordan Redhawk comes to Bella!

“…It would be a dream come true for a homeless teenager: suddenly the wealthy cool kids can’t wait to lavish money, motorcycles, club nights and sumptuous beds on you. That is, it’s a dream come true if it weren’t for the nightmares. Hardened by the brutal streets, Whiskey is wary of her newfound status among the powerful cliques that dwell in Seattle’s murky night world and clings to her motto: Take more than you give. But when you have nothing, anything can be tempting.

Book one of D Jordan Redhawk’s gripping Sanguire series is The Strange Path and will be published by Bella in early spring 2012. Book two, Lady Mistress, will be published later in the year…”

Time to celebrate! (After Book Two is written, anyway… LOL!)

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