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A Leg To Stand On

Posted Dec 23 2011 by in Personal with Comments Off on A Leg To Stand On

Many of you may recall from last year that author Nene Adams had a serious infection. It nearly killed her, and she lost her leg to save her life. We were able to raise over $5,000 to help with Nene’s medical costs in an auction.

This year, Nene needs more help. She’s stronger and healthier, but still can’t enjoy the simple pleasure of walking down the street, strolling through a park, or picking up a gallon of milk at the local market. It’s taken most of that year for her to even be able to make it upstairs to sleep in her own bed. She needs our help again. She needs an artificial leg.

Please go to either of the sites below to hear more specifics from Nene. Just a small donation could make the difference.

Nene’s blog

Nene’s Facebook page

Thank you!


Still Messy

Posted Dec 17 2011 by with Comments Off on Still Messy

And things are still a pain in Redhawk Internetville. Looks like this site is stable, but I’m still have intermittent difficulties with two others. It’s been … entertaining, to say the least.

What a Mess!

Posted Dec 13 2011 by with 2 Comments

What a harrowing three days it’s been. I think I’ve spent close to twenty hours on clearing the malware from this website and three other subdomains. I hope I never have to do that again! In the event that I do, however, I’ve accumulated a number of very helpful links that I’ve listed below. (Who knows when someone might need them? I certainly didn’t expect it!)

FAQ My site was hacked – Since the base site is a WordPress installation (this one), I naturally went to the first place I could think of – This step-by-step guide was a godsend!

How to completely clean your hacked WordPress installation was another good one – not as labor intensive, but it brought up things I hadn’t considered, and made me more aware of what I was doing. (It’s always good to be aware of what you’re doing when your digging into code!)

Hardening WordPress gave me a lot to think about, too! I’ve since made some changes to keep this from happening again!

When all was said and done, Google’s Webmaster Tools got me off the malware warning list. (I’m not too pleased that I was railroaded into it. There doesn’t appear to be any other way for a webmaster to request a review of their site after such a warning without signing up for Google’s set up.)

I’m still not completely done — I have a MySQL database I’m struggling to recover, a Mediawiki database to connect to a subdomain, and it appears that my entire blog site has become a mass of bizarre symbols that have taken over apostrophes, dashes, and quotation marks… Bear with me, and thanks for your patience!

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