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A Leg To Stand On

Many of you may recall from last year that author Nene Adams had a serious infection. It nearly killed her, and she lost her leg to save her life. We were able to raise over $5,000 to help with Nene’s medical costs in an auction.

This year, Nene needs more help. She’s stronger and healthier, but still can’t enjoy the simple pleasure of walking down the street, strolling through a park, or picking up a gallon of milk at the local market. It’s taken most of that year for her to even be able to make it upstairs to sleep in her own bed. She needs our help again. She needs an artificial leg.

Please go to either of the sites below to hear more specifics from Nene. Just a small donation could make the difference.

Nene’s blog

Nene’s Facebook page

Thank you!


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