[dropcap1]…[/dropcap1]and it was certainly a busy year for me!

I edited and submitted the last two of the Sanguire series, submitted a post-apocalyptic romance, and am nearly finished with rewrites for Lichii Ba’Cho. I’ve gone through the first round of edits on Sanguire 1, The Strange Path for Bella Books and Broken Trails for PD Publishing.

As for 2011 resolutions, I think I can safely say that my use of the F-bomb has dropped by at least half (maybe more!), and I at least posted once a month on this blog.  (My goal there was weekly, but monthly is better than nothing!)

Next year is going to be just as active.  Here are my writing goals for the year:

  • Write 1000 words a day, minimum
  • Finish Lichii Ba’Cho and submit it
  • Write, edit, and submit Freya’s Tears – a tale of a space freighter trying to make ends meet
  • Finish and compile the Slow Movin’ series for submission
  • End off the year writing the untitled mail order bride story I’ve outlined
  • Edit whatever manuscript my publishers send my way

Considering I did complete everything on my list last year, I’m reasonably certain I’ll do the same again. Wish me luck!

So, what are your goals for this year?  Pick one thing to focus on, and break it down into steps.  What is it?