[dropcap1]T[/dropcap1]imes, they are a’changing.

I received an excellent surprise in the mail — my author copies of The Strange Path, Book 1 of the Sanguire! WOOT! I got them on the way to work and, of course, ran all over the hotel with a copy to show them off. Amazingly, it never gets old to see your name on the cover of a book. (To those of you whom I’ve contacted, your gifts will be going out later this week.)

It’s out on MARCH 13th! “Freeze ray. Stops time. Tell your friends.” Order, order, order!

As I sat at my 24” iMac yesterday afternoon, the screen suddenly went wonky. (Yes, that’s a word.) After a little research, I’ve discovered that my video card is now worthless. Ugh. I’ve found a place to purchase the exact part I need for $300, and I’ll be attempting to replace it. My luck with replacing hardware has been woeful, so I don’t know if I’ll be successful. Last night was spent wirelessly accessing the hard drive to save as much as I could. There are a few files I can’t access (damn you, Mozilla!), but I was able to get the majority of things. Tonight I’m hooking the iMac up to our television — I’m hoping to be able to use it long enough to export Firefox bookmarks, Thunderbird mail, and back up the last pieces of music and photos that I hadn’t had a chance to put on the exterior drives. It might be an exercise in futility since I can’t see anything on the computer screen. If I’m required to move my mouse over to drag stuff to the TV, I’m screwed.

On a positive note, my laptop is my primary working computer, so I haven’t lost a thing there. Still, this is an old laptop, and it overheats something fierce. I don’t really trust it to not blow in the near future. To that end, I sped up my backup timetable and picked up a free account at CrashPlan. I uploaded all my documents, the few photos on my laptop, the downloads, and my desktop files there. I have access to it from my iPod Touch, too. If my iMac repair works, I’ll do the same there. (I’ll need to purchase a higher amount of storage, though. It’ll depend on the cost.) So now I have no worries should the laptop blow, too. Everything thing is saved off-site with ready access.

Also, despite the freaking out and the sense of loss over the iMac, I still haven’t used the “F” bomb. So far my resolution is holding — I’ve lost a mere $7 in two months, and five of that was the first week of the year. Raising the cost of the word from a quarter to a dollar has certainly made a difference.

I’ve been reading a lot about marketing and entrepreneurship lately. To that end, I’ll be starting a new mailing list soon. This will be called the Shadow Companion, and will be announcement only. I plan on writing a series of world-building articles as companion pieces to the books that will be coming out. I hope to have it up and running by mid-year — I need to set it up and test it out first, make sure I have the proper website pages programmed for it, and links and disclaimers are in place. Having two or three articles ready to go wouldn’t hurt, either.

Freya’s Tears is coming along, though slowly. Not that it’s been difficult to write, but there have been interruptions this month that I hadn’t expected which cut into my writing schedule. Spent several days in Anaheim with my BFF, and getting writing done was nigh impossible. When I do sit down to write, it comes along just fine.

That’s about it for me. Thanks for being patient with the lack of posts coming through here. Next week I’ll post the final Sanguire vignette prior to The Strange Path coming out. Our heroine makes her first appearance prior to the beginning of the book. I’m already set to write three more vignettes that will occur after The Strange Path and before Beloved Lady Mistress, so keep your eyes peeled!