Golden Crown Literary Society. Wow. Why did I wait so long to come to one of these conferences? I’m ready for next year!

I’m writing this on Sunday, June 17th. Brunch is done, though I sat at my table for at least twenty minutes after I finished eating. I didn’t want to get up because I knew that would be the end of a great weekend. Alas, it had to be done. I’d have looked silly sitting in the room while the hotel staff broke it down.

So much has happened this weekend. I’ve spoken to so many people, reconnected with old friends, made brand new ones, met people in person who I’ve chatted with online for years. I talked so much that my throat’s been raspy and sore since Wednesday night’s Meet & Greet…but that hasn’t stopped me from talking and whooping and applauding and laughing even more…

The Bella Books crowd…what a hoot! I had a blast getting to know them. Karin Kallmaker, M.J. Lowe, Pol Robinson, Nat Burns, Erica Abbott, Rachel Gold, Tracey Richardson, KG MacGregor, Kenna White, Mary Griggs, and Dillon Watson (gods, I hope I didn’t forget anybody!) Characters all, and every one a sweetheart. They really made me feel welcome into the family. I know the word “awesome” is overused in today’s society, but it’s the only word I can think of that works in this context.

The panels were fantastic. Catherine Friend got me over a stall-out on a book that’s been sitting on the back burner for six years. The keynote speaker, Jewelle Gomez, had a wonderful workshop on writing speculative fiction — I don’t know if Abio will ever make an appearance in one of my books, but I do know the hints I picked up during the exercises might birth a science fiction novel in the future.

The membership meeting was an eye-opener…I’ll be joining GCLS as soon as I get home and check my finances. Last and most poignant was the showing of “Survived By…” from Brenda Barton and Cheyne Curry (sister MPs) that was excellent. (I highly recommend seeing it if you can!)

I’ve never attended a major awards banquet type of thing before. It, too, was entertaining. Everybody dressed in their finest, the presentation of our Lost Sisters, the nominees and winners being announced. Absolutely fantastic.

Is it 2013, yet?