People have expressed an interest in what soundtrack I used while writing the Sanguire series – The Strange Path, Beloved Lady Mistress (out July 17th!), and Inner Sanctuary (available October 16th). Anyone who is aware of my writing knows that I always have a soundtrack I listen to while immersed in a story — it helps keep the mental “feel” of the story in my heart and head.

Since I absolutely adore music (and Ferny’s request!), I thought I’d list the most important songs I listened to and which character I associated them with. I’ve linked to YouTube videos where I can.

I ran into a snag, however. There are so many! Because of that, I’ve sorted them by character, and I’m splitting this post up into multiple ones. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

Note: Those who don’t know me well aren’t aware that I’m a big heavy metal fan. While a lot of these tunes are dark and slow, Gothic in nature, I’m sure many of these tunes won’t appeal to my readers. Just be aware of that before clicking on any links!



My first post will be focused on Whiskey, as it should be since she’s the main character in The Strange Path, Book 1 of the Sanguire.

Whiskey was born not long after the movie Queen of the Damned came out. It’s only fitting that the song that most reminds me of her is this one:

Slept So Long by Jay Gordon (Queen of the Damned)


This song epitomizes the anger and loneliness that Whiskey has lived with all her life. (And maybe there’s just a little bit of Elisibet Vasillas in there, too.) Who is she singing to? It could be Margaurethe. It could be Valmont. It could be Elisibet herself.

Not Meant For Me – Wayne Static (Queen of the Damned)

Here is more anger. As she learns who she is and begins her walk upon the Strange Path, she wonders where it leads, what she will become. It scares her, and she responds with belligerence.

Wrought – Peratus

Fear – of herself, of her strong feelings for a woman she’s never met, of the ever-present Elisibet whose legacy she has to live down.

Sweet – Switchblade Symphony


This is a very goth song, slow and deep. I’ve always felt this is how the youthful Whiskey views the mythical vampire. This is how she sees them and the Humans around her. “Broken people, hollow and feeble” describes Humans — herself among them. The potential for having such power and grace for herself, a family that protects her, an outlet for her natural hunting instincts is quite seductive.

Animal I Have Become – Three Days Grace

Whiskey begins to despair as she realizes the depth of depravity that Elisibet had fallen to, and that she is just as capable, just as vicious, and just as likely to carry on the legacy of the Sweet Butcher.

Too Late – Ashes Divide


Here Whiskey pleads with the unknown future, with Margaurethe O’Toole — the woman of her dreams and nightmares. Is there a future? Whiskey’s heart says yes, but does she feel her own emotions or Elisibet’s? This is where Whiskey has to make the choice to fight to be herself, to defy Elisibet’s cruelty but ask Margaurethe to give her a chance.

I Am Where It Takes Me – Black Light Burns

This describes the Strange Path and Whiskey’s response to it. She doesn’t want it, but must is drawn to it. “I am where it takes me.” Her life as a homeless streetkid is over, and Reynhard Dorst is there to help her along the passage. (FYI, this is an awesome song for me!)

Stop Looking, Start Seeing – Papa Roach

Whiskey’s angry anthem – at this point, she’s had it. “There’s a time to lead and a time to follow.” She’s no longer letting circumstance push her where it will. It’s time for her to step boldly forward to accept who she is becoming and protect those she cares for. “I’m not scared any more.” This is her ultimate transformation from child to adult.

Who I Am – Signum A.D.


It’s time to come to terms with herself. Not only has she achieved her goal of completing the Strange Path, but she’s becoming the rudimentary leader of a group of outcasts. It’s not something she can do alone. Rather than roll over, Whiskey accepts Elisibet’s past, uses Elisibet’s cruel strengths, and tempers them with her own compassion. Here is where she attempts to contact the one person she believes will support her – Margaurethe O’Toole.

I hope you’ve enjoyed these as much as I do, and that they give you some sort of insight to the thoughts and emotions of Whiskey. In the future, I’ll do the same for other characters of the Sanguire series.

How did you like this post? Do you want to see more like it or something else? Do you have any musical suggestions that came to mind when YOU read the book? Click on the comment box below to leave me a message!