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Recently some folks have expressed an interest in the music I listen to while writing a story. Since the Sanguire series is currently being published this year, I thought I’d focus on The Strange Path, Book 1 of the Sanguire. I’ve already written a blog entry about Whiskey, and I have to say that her playlist was much more extensive than the rest of the characters introduced. I guess that means I identify more with her than any other character.

In any case, here’s a handful of songs that I believe epitomizes Whiskey’s love interest, Marguarethe O’Toole.

Note: Those who don’t know me well aren’t aware that I’m a heavy metal fan. While a lot of these tunes are dark and slow, Gothic in nature, I’m sure some tunes won’t appeal to my readers. Just be aware of that before clicking on any links!

Also keep in mind that Margaurethe’s feelings are predominantly those of sorrow for the love of her life.



Denial Waits – Ashes Divide



Margaurethe’s love for Elisibet was a complicated one. She played the dutiful consort queen, loving Elisibet with all her heart despite the cruel depravities her lover enjoyed. Here Margaurethe is fraught with both her grief and her anger. Denial waits, but for whom? Elisibet or herself?

I Want To Die – Mortal Love

This is a beautiful song from a woman who loves her lover so much that she would rather die than be without her. This is how Margaurethe felt when Elisibet died, her heart ripped open, her soul tattered. There’s nothing else for her now.

In Loving Memory – Alter Bridge

Another tale of Margaurethe’s broken heart. She pines for the woman she fell in love with.

Next we come to Beloved Lady Mistress, Book 2 of the Sanguire.

Fix You – Coldplay

Margaurethe eventually meets Whiskey. She must struggle with her memories just as Whiskey has, though it’s easier for the younger woman who has never BEEN the person whose memories she shares. Margaurethe must do her final grieving and has decided to “fix” Elisibet by training Whiskey properly.



I have a list of 261 songs on this playlist. When I’m done with the posts, I’ll put out a list for anyone truly interested in all of the tunes.

How did you like this post? Do you want to see more like it or something else? Do you have any musical suggestions that came to mind when YOU read the books? I’d love to hear them! Click on the comment box below to leave me a message!

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